3 Benefits of Quality Link-Building 2018

Despite what has recently occurred with Google and their algorithms, link-building is still more important then ever and still resides as one of the best ways to gain authority for your website or blog.

Below is a list of  the 3 key main benefits derived from quality linkbuilding! For further link-building information we suggest you check out the following article by the guys over at SEOMOZ  “5 Penguin Friendly link-building Tips.”

 Benefit # 1 – Increase in Authority and Page-rank

Sure, the days of blasting 10,000 links in one day to your money site via automated software is over, but gaining quality high PR links is still extremely valuable and will greatly raise your domain authority. If you get 1 link from a PR 6 website, it is hundreds of times more powerful then 100,000 spammy automated links. The ways you can go about getting this high PR backlinks is via guest posting on relevant high authority blogs on your industry. More on this will be covered later in our blog.


Benefit # 2 – Improved Branding and Exposure

The more people talking about your company and its products the better, I think all of us can agree with that. If the only result popping up in Google for your brand name is your own website then we are in trouble. When you are trying to establish your self as a main player in your niche then it is imperative you create as much buzz as you can all while putting your footprint on it and letting it known it is your content and original creation. This way the next time someone’s punches your name in  Google, there will be dozens of pages talking about both your company and its products.


Benefit # 3  – Long-term SEO benefits

When you build quality links they not only stick and become permanent but over time they gain additional authority and value passing even more link-juice to your money site. Be sure to add value to your links by doing 2nd tier link-building to them such as social signals and social bookmarks to even raise their authority even more!

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