Learn How Link Building Will Boost Your Sales and Increase Your Business Leads

Link building is an essential SEO strategy that you need to use in order to boost your organic traffic from Google and other major search engines.

Building links helps make your website more credible, improves your chances of showing up on the first page of search results, and gives you the opportunity to be connected with other businesses through the content that you produce.

While link building takes time and a number of strategies, once you have strong links, you will see your sales and business leads increase.

Building Internal Links Between Your Pieces of Content

Before you begin a link building strategy, you need to review how you will funnel authority from your linkable assets (ie. pages you will be linking to) to pages that will convert traffic to leads.

As you write each piece of content for your website, you should look for ways to link that content to another piece within your website.

As your amount of content grows, you don’t want each post to be simply floating out in cyberspace without being tethered to anything. Links between your content tether the posts to one another.

This is internal link building, and this shows search engines that your pieces of content are related. This strategy also helps with boosting time on site and lower’s your bounce rate, which is two very big ranking factors.

Take the time to look over each piece of content on your website and place internal links wherever appropriate.

Links Created from Writing Guest Posts

A common strategy for creating solid backlinks to your website is to write guest posts for other websites that are related to your business.

A potential customer who reads your guest post may click over to your site, creating a business lead for you.

When you write a guest post, you will have the chance to draw in customers by tapping into another website’s existing audience.

The more informative and engaging you are, the more likely a person is going to click through to learn more about your business.

Check out the 4 steps to guest posting success to learn the exact strategy.

Boost Expertise and Authority from Linkedin

LinkedIn is a solid, reputable site to discuss business and opportunities within your field. It is possible to create a dynamic LinkedIn profile, one that includes a link or two to your business website.

This helps your SEO because LinkedIn is a high ranking, high authority website. In addition, showing your expertise on a site like LinkedIn is going to further give you credibility within your chosen field.

Make sure that your LinkedIn profile also contains a professional quality photo, as according to Jeff Bulas, “You can increase your LinkedIn views by 11 times by including a photo.”

Linkedin also let’s you publish your thought leadership articles on Linkedin Pulse. Carly Stec wrote a great beginner’s guide on this topic at Hubspot.

Get Rid of Bad Links

Bad links are links from terribly ranked websites, and links that are not relevant to the content you have created.

Sometimes it is hard to avoid getting links from harmful websites. Fortunately, Google gives us a way to disavow them.

You have to check your backlinks profile periodically and take the steps necessary to remove backlinks. You can use a tool like ahrefs.com to run a deep analysis on all your links.

Once you’ve identified all the negative links, then you can start by asking the website owner to remove the current link.

If you don’t hear from the owner, you can disavow the link through Google. This tells Google that you don’t want the link considered when determining your suitability for a particular search.

You can also take down the page that the link points to. Each of the moves may impact your page views for the short term, but they are worth it for your future business success.

Here’s a wonderful article from Modestos Siotos published on Moz’s blog.

As you focus on link building, remember that you are building links to draw in customers, grow your base of loyal customers and generate leads.

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